OneCrop are specialists in the manufacture of pre-emergent degradable agricultural films. ¬†We produce a variety of film formats to suit both the Horticultural and Broadacre practices. Our films are uniquely designed to work in the majority of soil types and climates around the world.

We at OneCrop fully understand that one single type of film does not suit all growing conditions and climates; there are just too many variables to make it so simple. Our films are flexible and controllable so as to meet the many varied demands of such diverse farming requirements.

Our mission is to assist farmers not just in Australia but around the world to re-think their growing practices and start tackling the world’s sustainability challenges by solving problems through development and innovation. 
Our degradable products reduce the environmental impact of conventional plastic used in agriculture; we are helping our customers to find efficient ways of farming and empowering growers to reduce their conventional plastic footprint on their properties without lessening productivity or profit. 

By challenging technology and conventional thinking, our products help towards increase yields whilst saving water. 

We provide a solution for farmers to produce their crops while ensuring the next generation is left with the same resources we have today.


OneCrop Pty Ltd, Offices in, Adelaide, South Australia & Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, ABN:86 168 384 647